Our storyboard had a lot of good ideas and we all used our creative instincts to showcase our idea for Open Space month. While the storyboard was being created, we took out some ideas and replaced them with new ideas that emphasized on Open Space month. We decided to change our idea from a video to a social media campaign where people tell their stores about how nature as effected them and how nature should be preserved. I hope to create a campaign that people will participate in it and show that nature is not just something to look at, but it is something that brings joy to people.



I think that our group is doing great with collaborating and creative decision as well. We plan on creating a social media ad that highlights ecological preserves and shows how important they are to our environment. Working closely with my group members has entailed us to create a strong video for the non-profit and emphasizes on their mission to preserve land and the environment. Even though creating something that could be published publicly, it does not hold us back from doing what we think would be the best for the non-profit.



The first meme I chose is from a Vine that went viral and the guy in the video was singing a song saying “why are you lying?”. People use his meme for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts when they think people are lying and or they will caption it with a fake conversation that imply someone is lying. The next meme I chose is from the children’s hit TV show, Arthur. The meme shows Arthur clenching his fist to show he is angry and when this meme is used, there is caption that states everyday frustrations that people deal with and then the picture of the fist to show how irritating it is. Lastly, the man blinking meme is used when the caption states something that people are shocked by. The blinking man has recently just became viral and is used a lot on social media. Memes become extremely popular because they are used so people can relate to them and that will later make them go viral. I have retweeted and reposted these three memes several times and they are interesting to me because they are constantly grouped together with related circumstances I have experienced.









New Header Image

I thought using GIMP was going to be simple, but I had a tough time trying to navigate it. So, I ended up using another website called canva to create my header image. I have used this site before to create social media posts and other images, so it was very familiar to me. GIMP was tough because whenever I tried to do something, it would change something that I did not want changed. In class, it seemed like it was a simple program that I could be done with in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, I ran into problems with it and could not use it to complete this assignment. Canva was a simple website to use and it could create not just header images, but other types of images for digital media as well. I can apply these skills to my everyday life hopefully when I obtain a career in PR and run companies social media.


Zines are often related back to the emergence of digital media. Their explosive artwork was one of the main reasons as to why they became popular along with the face that you did not have to me a famous writer to publish one. Usually used to illuminate punk rock music, zines have grown over time and transformed into digital media. The world is very focused on technology, that zines had no choice but to go digital. Now, users just create blogs and their own websites to post their insights and art online. Due to the fact that so much is digital now, it is easier to access blogs than it was to access zines because technology is at the touch of our fingertips. Duncombe stated in his article, zines are a “novel form of communication and creation that burst with an angry idealism” (Duncombe 3). The abstract art that was printed on zines highlighted the artistic ways of those who were unrecognized. The popularity of zines sparked interest in several people, so when technology took over, digital media had nothing to thank but zines.zinespread